3. Visible Heart

Visable heart displayed by many private aircraft parked on grass fieldAt Oshkosh [the world’s largest air show held annually in Oshkosh, Wisconsin] last night, a MAF recruiter told the story of a national preacher speaking to a church in the US. The preacher held up one arm saying, ”These are the prayers of all of you rising up to the throne of God.” Then he raised the other, meeting the first high over his head, and said, “And these are the prayers of the believers in my country rising up to that same throne. Though only a few of us have met here on Earth, we already know each other in the Lord.”

A preacher in Sierra Leone displays his visible heart before his congregationOur clients live in strange cultures. We don’t understand them. They think we’re weird and often miss what we try to share. Yet, all believers are citizens of the same country. His culture is the standard, not ours or theirs. Heart meets heart in His throne room.

So, how is He allowing a client to see your heart?

Ephesians 2:19-20 Philippians 3:17-21

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