11. Contradictions

contradictions abound as man pulls the sky backContradictions obscure what ought to be clear. God promises to open closed doors—just ask, seek, and knock. He commands, “Be strong and courageous.” He says the devil will flee if we resist. And if we like, go ahead and move that offending mountain. Clear directions speak to the point and fit goal-oriented theology.

But He confuses everything. He told the folks on a hillside to turn the other cheek and give to him who asks. And He says we’re supposed to wait. Wait for what? How do meek saints inherit the Earth while taking the Kingdom by force? How can we do what He wants when knowing what He wants eludes us? Yes, we believe Him. But sometimes it seems we need a Captain Midnight Secret Decoder Ring to crack the cipher. Turn the dial, match the letters and voilá! The hidden message appears.

chief among contradictions is a lion laying peacefully with a lambOn the other hand, how does an infinite, eternal God communicate with creatures confined to space and time? Try discussing morality with your kid’s hamster. Stick your fingers into the cage, perhaps, but true understanding will evade you. Impossible? Of course. But He delights making rivers in our deserts. He safeguarded this mystery’s key in His rest. When we return to “wait,” when we submit—not hide—our passions, we surpass one who takes a city. Only then can we hear the still, small voice of the Counselor making everything plain.

So, what impossible obstacle lounges insolently between you and what He commands?

Isaiah 40:29-31, Matthew 7:7-12, Isaiah 64:4, Matthew 11:28-30, Proverbs 16:32, Matthew 21:21-22, Matthew 5:38-42, James 4:7

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