The Next Episode Approaches—Honest!

Some of you asked about the next episode in the Pacer Saga. Was all set to have it up last week, but …

A good friend from India arrived, giving me the honor of shepherding him to speaking engagements and meetings. He observed, “Everything is so clean.” And after some driving, “Everything is so orderly.” Then after more driving on country roads with 4-way stops at the intersections, “Everyone is so patient here.”

We drove into mountains for his first ever taste of snow. He’d seen it on the Himalayas from miles away, but never had it fall on him, nor even touched it. Took care of that.

We’ve worked with him for nine years. He consistently sacrifices his own time and convenience for the good of his team,  and demonstrates faithful stewardship, and does everything he can to introduce others to Jesus.  Makes me want to be like him when I grow up.

He’s back home on the other side of the planet. That means I can return to my calling and log more keyboard time. The rest of the Pacer story, “Patterns”, will be up in a few days.

Thanks for asking.


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