Flying in air, space, or imagination—a metaphor for life.

My new book has launched!

Mile-High Missionary: A Jungle Pilot’s Memoir

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The jungle pilot occupies a high visibility seat. His role creates the convincing illusion of connection. But the truth is, he or she often leads a solitary life. He drops in from the sky, visits for 15 minutes, then goes. He touches many worlds but rarely becomes part of any.

The stories in Mile-High Missionary show how one pilot changed from hiding as a sky-creature to reentering the world of real people. Sit in the pilot’s seat as this missionary memoir flies you into the Amazon Jungle. Encounter the pilot’s view. See what he saw. Hear what he heard. Meet who he met. Feel what he felt as he wrestles with his own hopes and joys, doubts and fears.

Experience bush aviation first hand as this Christian pilot asks the hard questions: :

  • Is my airplane safe to fly?
  • Can I find one tiny scratch of an airstrip hidden in an immense jungle?
  • What if the weather changes?
  • Can I land and stay on the runway, then takeoff without hitting trees?
  • After all that, am I really helping my passengers’ ministry?
  • Does my flying benefit the ex-headhunters I work among?
  • Am I honoring God, or just playing with airplanes?

Read how he juggled safety and service while doing a dangerous job, then found himself changed by the ones he served.


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