7. Working Grace

pilot pushing plane through mud needs graceGrace, a lovely name picked for cherished daughters by parents hoping to impart gentle softness. And we call some graceful because they move not only with coordination but also harmony and rhythm. When we speak of the Lord’s grace, we often envision sunlight on roses under a willow tree—all good and true, but incomplete.

man trapped in mud crying for working graceJesus threw us a rope while we wallowed in a sewer. He pulled us out, slimy and putrid, a dripping mass of, well, you know. Then, after He cleaned us, He said each one of us should use whatever gift we have received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. What forms does His grace take?

How about throwing 3,600 pounds of aluminum at a mud hole you wouldn’t drive your car on, hoping someone there will reach out for God’s rope? Or herding obstinate electrons down a radio’s long, skinny wires. Or wrestling an aluminum rivet until it holds two pieces of sheet metal together. Or spinning old bruised vegetables into a golden feast. Or chasing elusive numbers through stacks of ledgers until they play nice and agree with other numbers.

His grace is altogether lovely, but it’s also strong and willing to get dirty.
So, how is He asking you to administer His grace?

1 Peter 4:7-11, Romans 3:21-26

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